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Our lives shine and prosper over those special moments which seem normal to others but mean a lot to us, our families and friends. We are here to help you to make thoughtful preparation for your special day for you to shine on those moments and we will capture those moments in the form of photographs that you could keep and cherish. 

We design our packages simple and straightforward. So you do not need to spend time to figure out operational details, but focus on communicating with us how we could get best prepared for your day. 


You will receive all your images in full resolution. You also have the option to have selected photos professionally retouched and hand picked to design your photo album.


Please talk to us for a free consultation. 



Heli Wedding/Photography

Taking a helicopter ride and standing on top of mountain is always a great experience for couples. With carefully selected landing spots, we will make your mountain wedding dream come true. It is true New Zealand Alpine landscape and your personal feelings will be forever connected to the place after all these experience. 

We have a wide range of landing spots (including rocky mountains, glacier and alpine lakes) at your choice, which will suit your personal taste and budget. Ask us about your options


Queenstown - The Dreamland

Renowned for her true beauty, Queenstown is couples' dream destination for wedding. It is also where we are based. Mountain, lakes and vibrant lifestyle, you will find enough reasons to visit here at four seasons. Come to talk to us to find right season for you.


Explore the neighbouring regions

For those who want to explore a bit more on the neighbouring towns and regions - Wanaka, Glenorchy, Arrowtown, Mt Cook, Lake Pukaki, Lake Tekapo, we are ready to take you there to your dream destinations. You could also choose heli wedding in those areas as well. 

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